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Project Description

Material Composition and Application

Tex-Max rope and tape products are high-temperature, non-combustible 100% pure E-glass fiber composite and can withstand continuous exposure up to 1,000°F. It will not burn or support combustion, and is resistant to degradation caused by exposure to common industrial fluids and chemicals. Reduce heat loss and maintain proper internal system temperatures by insulating with Tex-Max rope and tape products.

The Tex-Max rope is available in round or square braided construction to achieve higher density and is widely used as a standalone gasketing/packing solution for boilers, industrial ovens, furnaces, kilns, and in various foundry applications. It is also used as the bulb material in tadpole gaskets.

Additional High Density Fiberglass Tape

Tex-Max tape is a tightly woven, highly versatile and easy product to install. It often used as a gasket tape for high temperature applications or can be used to insulate lines with a large or irregular outer diameter pipes with bends, and for existing lines which require insulation and cannot be disconnected. Wrapping systems in 100% fiberglass Tex-Max tape provides reliable thermal protection and insulation in extreme environments.

Resistant to common industrial fluids and chemicals, this noncombustible thermal tape provides continuous insulation in the harshest of industrial applications Manufacturers, operators, and MRO professionals will appreciate the straightforward installation that does not require system shutdowns for line insulation. Tex-Max tape is commonly used as a boiler door seals, pipe wrap, furnace curtains, and tadpole tapes. It is available in plain woven, drop warp or bolt hole tape, and can be provided with adhesive-backing.

Working Temperature (continuous) 1,000˚F (535˚C)


  • Highly texturized E-Glass fiber.
  • Versatile thermal protection.
  • Tightly knit tape, firm braided high-density rope.
  • Extremely lightweight and flexible.


  • REACH and RoHS compliant.
  • Extensive stock for short lead times.
  • Economical system protection.
  • Packing, sealing and gasket component.

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