BLACK-MAX® Boiler Gaskets

BLACK-MAX® Boiler Gaskets


Strong. Reliable. Long-Lasting.
Say Goodbye to Spiral-Wound Gaskets. Compared to spiral wound gaskets, Black-Max® seals better and has much better recovery properties. It also weighs less than half of that of spiral gaskets, so they are easier to handle and you will save on freight charges. And while spiral gaskets require near-perfect conditions, Black-Max® gaskets seal on rough, pitted surfaces under less compressive load.

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-400° F (-240° C) to +850° F (+454° C) in atmosphere,
+1200° F (+650° C) in steam

2000 psig (70 bar)

P x T
175,000 (6,000) 1/4″

M Factor
2 (Smooth Flange Surface)

Y Stress
900 psi (6 MPa) (Smooth Flange Surface)

Maximum Gasket Load
24,000 psi (165 MPa)


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