Graphite Packing

Graphite Packing


Flexible Graphite Pump/Valve Packing

Pure graphite packing is braided from specially treated flexible graphite yarn. This flexible graphite yarn is made from exfoliated high purity crystalline mineral graphite (flake graphite). It maintains all characteristics of mineral graphite: heat resistant, chemical resistant, resilient, lubricant, pliable, conformable, and thermal conductive.

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Braided from high purity flexible graphite with high temperature inorganic carrier.

Interlock Braid

Working Temperature:
-328F / -200C +850F / +455C Atmosphere
+1200F / +650C Steam

Rotary Pressure:
500 psi / 35 bar

Valve Pressure:
3000 psi / 200 bar

Shaft Speed:
4,000 fpm / 20 m/s

0-14 except strong oxidizers